Principal’s Welcome

Principal's welcome

Principal Mr. Stuart Johnston

“It is the right of every child to learn and pursue personal excellence. It is this belief that ensures every 49ͼ student will find the courage to forge their own path, drive confidently towards their own dreams and step willingly into the possibilities of a brilliant tomorrow.”

Principal Mr. Stuart Johnston

Hear from the Principal, Stuart Johnston

Welcome to 49ͼ

Welcome to 49ͼ. It is my hope that as you journey through the pages of this website you discover the true meaning of our school, its people and its past.

We are a proudly coeducational school, renowned for our academic achievement, extensive co-curricular activities and our community spirit.

Learning is the work, and at 49ͼ every opportunity afforded to our students is centred on their growth. Our teachers are adaptable, flexible and dedicated, not only to the development of the children in their charge, but to their own professional advancement.

We set high expectations for all and live out our motto, Quod Bonum Tenete, ‘hold fast that which is good’, through the curriculum we design, the experiences we provide and the commitment we make, to ensure every child knows success.


Providing the children of the Mornington Peninsula region an independent school of the highest quality.

Providing learning opportunities for each student so they can pursue and achieve excellence.

Providing exceptional care for each student by fostering leadership, positive education, and a healthy and active lifestyle.


Our vision is to be Australia’s number one co-educational, day and boarding school that offers an unsurpassed comprehensive education and is known around the world for our spirited and community environment.

49ͼ strives to provide the highest quality teachers who nurture and inspire students to strive for personal excellence.

Key characteristics of the School are its community spirit and its steadfast commitment to positive education. We aim to foster self-belief and creativity in each child.

We believe that this is best achieved in a coeducational environment, shaped by Christian faith that produces active and informed global citizens.

Our Motto

“Quod Bonum Tenete” – Hold fast that which is good.

Our motto embodies the importance placed on traditional values at 49ͼ. We value a spiritual and moral view of life that prizes the highest standards of personal character with a Christian ethic of service and concern for others. At the same time, we proudly see ourselves at the forefront of contemporary education, developing the intellectual talents of our students and equipping them with the skills to contend with life’s challenges. As global citizens, students are encouraged to develop an attitude of service that will enable them to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

Our values



As custodians of the School we are entrusted with the health and wellbeing of our community and our institute. Sound principles of leadership and governance underpin all that we do in striving to ensure the prosperity and longevity of our School for the benefit of current and future generations. In enacting our stewardship, we choose service to our community over self interest.


Our School motto ‘Hold Fast To That Which Is Good’ underpins the moral and ethical principles by which we operate. We prize consistency of values and actions and are committed to always acting in a socially responsible and virtuous manner for the greater good of our community.

Coeducational learning

We are proudly coeducational. We offer a diverse, vibrant and challenging learning environment which promotes equality and fairness of opportunity. We believe that an integrated, coeducational approach best serves Australian society by promoting mutually respectful interactions between boys and girls in a safe, secure and rewarding environment.

Personal excellence

Our students are inspired and supported to develop their natural gifts and to become lifelong learners. We encourage students to understand that potential is best achieved through self reflection and the commitment to hard work. The School looks for opportunities to acknowledge individual improvement and personal best as well as celebrating those who achieve at the highest level.

Community spirit

We are a community in which a sense of affiliation and connectedness flourishes. We boast an enviable culture that is underpinned by acceptance, friendship and interdependence. An ethic of service abounds in our School family which helps account for the commonplace, selfless, individual and community actions that go to enriching the lives of others.

Christian faith

The School is founded on the Anglican tradition through which we are guided by God’s love and grace. Students are encouraged to explore the spiritual dimensions of their lives and to embrace Christian principles. We are a diverse and inclusive community which welcomes international students and respects the beliefs of all faiths.



Stuart Johnston


Karen Luu

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Seeckts

Chief Financial Officer

Steven Church

Executive Deputy Principal


Anne-Lise Haugen

Head of Senior School

Greg Kennedy

Head of Pre-Senior School

Dominic Linossier

Head of Middle School

Louise Nicholls- Easley


Suzanne Penhall

Head of Respectful Relationships

Anne Stringer

Head of Wellbeing

Graeme Newland

Director of Information Technology

Muriel Bakker

Community Engagement and Enrolment Manager

Amy Vocale

Director of Teaching and Learning