Unlock the avenues


The Case
for Coeducation

49ͼ is proudly coeducational.

We fervently believe that young men and women learning together, helps them best challenge, question, and critique the norms and beliefs that society instils.

Learning from and with each other, our young people understand that diversity, equality, inclusion and acceptance are fundamental to understanding the role they must live out as citizens of the world, regardless of gender, of race or ethnicity.


Lighting our way to a brighter, more equal future

Achieving the impossible
starts here.

When you choose a school for your child, you should consider, and consider deeply, its culture. You should look closely at the representations of its identity through the programs offered and the purpose it aims to live out each and every day.

While we are a coeducational school, we do not seek to justify the supremacy of this over any other institution, instead we ask you to think about the experiences you want your child to have as they grow and develop, and to look closely at who we are as a collective group of people.

Closing the gap, begins

Now, more than ever before, our responsibilities to inform our young people, to open dialogue and to challenge the status quo, matters. We teach our children to use their voice, to express their ideas and to understand their importance in changing the world, by exposing them to a vast array of opportunities and experiences that will shape their understanding of their world.

Real-world environment,
real-world experiences.

The preclusion of any person, be it for gender, for race or for any other reasons, serves only to widen the misunderstanding of otherness. We are a school built on the acceptance of all and the understanding that the uniqueness of every individual should be nurtured and must be celebrated.

Inspiring Success Beyond VCE.

VCE is one of the most pivotal times in a student’s life. And while an ATAR score is important, it marks a beginning rather than an end. It’s what you do with it, that matters. While 49ͼ inspires countless high-performing students year after year, our education has a higher, overarching purpose. We’ve structured our learning environment to not only reflect the real world but to inspire success within it. A coeducational school gives students the life skills they need to navigate challenges beyond VCE, spanning from academics and occupation to relationships and mental health.

Through a series of life experiences inherent in our educational model that empowers students to succeed holistically as alumni, in a diverse world. Today, our former students continue to shatter stereotypes and break down barriers, leading enriching and fulfilling lives as they do so.